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HP Envy SleekBook 4t mountain lion 10.8 (Installation Guide)

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I5 3317U IvyBridge

10GB G.SKILL 1333 (problem with 16GB on this NB)

HD4000 full QE/CE

Webcam works

Audio perfect Vendor ID: 8086 Device id : 1e20 changed in VoodooHDA info.plist

Wifi replaced with AR9280

Doesn't work :

Card Reader


as we don't have any option to change in BIOS all locked by HP and we no have any Insyde Bios Unlocked with this model and bios F0a so we have to use some Flag in bootloader to pass USB and wait for root device (AHCI) problems, and CPUS=1 is for paching the lapic kernel

make USB installer with one of them (niresh 10.8, myHack 1.3.2,###### )

Boot with it plugged in USB2 (single left part )and write CPUS=1 USBBusFix=yes ForceHPEToff=yes

Choose your lang , open disk utility partition your HDD

start install it without any customise setting

when install finished again the flags

CPUS=1 USBBusFix=yes ForceHPEToff=yes

but this time choose your HDD not USB (i called it ML)

choose keyboard bla bla

when you are in desktop

install the KEXTS you downloaded from the link blow on with KEXT Wizzard


Download Cameleon Wizard from here and make the org.chameleon.Boot.plist and SMBIOS.plist in Extra Folder one the close it and REPLACE my Extra Folder with the old one with all flags ready and full HD4000 QE/CE inside string


What you need to download



VoodooPS2 controller and Trackpad for Synaptics


FAKESMC if you get KP


2 videos to show how it works



Check this thread for problem , Kernel Panics



1.if you have problem with VoodooHDA


I add modified Info.plist in the folder u download (voodoo hp audio info) with vendor and device id and Control fix already done, replace with mine the info.plist then reboot

2. if you install/remove/modify any kext you have to repair permissions and rebuilding kext caches with KEXT WIZARD

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