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HP envy 17 3D Display only on HDMI after mac os x Lion start

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Hei i am new to this forum and this is the probleme i have right now.

i have managed to install mac os x lion (iATKOS_L1)

on my HP ENVY 17" 3D with

intel i7 core 1.6 Ghz

8 GB of RAM 1333 MHz DDR3

ATI RADEON HD 5800 series with 1 GB RAM

1.75 TB HDD (750 GB for win 7, win 8, and Ubuntu 12.04 TLS and 1 TB for MY DOCUMENTS)

i installed mac OS X on a 160 GB USB external HDD (with 3 Partitions: mac os x, my documents, Data(ntfs))

My build in display is a 3D enable display.

i used rboot with the option cpus=1 -v to install and star Mac OS X

everythings works (not the wifi and the synaptics touch mouse) but all the rest like webcam, USB port, bluetooth, Hard drive, dvd drive, sound, sd card,keyboard...tec

I use BCD edit to manager all 4 OS boot.

when i star mac OS and it comes to the logg on screen, the built in display goes black and the screen only comes on my hdmi wich is connected to my samsung tv. even when i unplug the hdmi cable my buit in display stays black or not even turned on.

please i need help. thanks for your help in advance.

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thanks for your reply it was very kind and i found i lot of good usefull stoff. but not yet success. i did try to update to 10.7.5 and the problem is still there. when i look trought the info system i see that it says no internal display is connected.

very strange i have a 3 # video output like the HDMI, mini hdmi, and vga and in those i get the images but not in the built in display. need help thanks

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hei it's me again i have done some research and follwed the link you gave me but still nothing.

i see that in system info (display hardware or graphics) there is only the samsung display and the vga display when it comes to the internal diplay it'says no display is connected.

i need help on that thanks a lot.

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hei how you doing these days i was off some days but have done some research to and i have not yet been enable to enable my built-in display. i have done every thing but the probleme is that the mac os x does'nt detect my display at all.

but when it's connected to the tv everything is working fine and perfect. still need help but i will post some screen shot later. thanks

here is a text go IOreg -l copied from Terminal without no extra monitor connected to the laptop.

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