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Final Cut Pro X Hachintosh compatible GPUs

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Can someone tell me what is those graphic cards which work in ML but contribute to accelerate FCPX? I understand that those video cards listed here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4664 are boards that are found in Apple systems. But on Hachintosh i think is different, many GPU is compatible with OSX (especially ML). For example on that compatibility list HD 6xxx is only few "M" type, but, as i seen in few threads, the 6870 is compatible... So, any OpenCL AMD board is ok?

I ask because in my country 5770/5870/6850/6870 are no longer available, and is much better to know other options. My boss have the same problem with FCPX and i have to find a good board for him too. After many hours spent every day in last week without a clear result... look i'm here :)

I hope someone enlighten me


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