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Need help creating a DSDT for ASRock Z68 Ext3 Gen3

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I would like to create a DSDT for my ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard. I read over the instruction and see my board isn't listed at all to modify an existing DSDT.

Is it possible to create one for my motherboard?

I couldn't seem to find any links on creating new ones. only editing old one.


ps. I'm using the U1G UEFI BIOS

edit: I meant BIOS P2.30

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I posted the wrong BIOS. I'm using P2.30.

Where it states to use the,"Generic (BIOS 2.20), do I use that? Or do I need to create a, "Generic (BIOS 2.30)?

I can flash back to 2.20 if needed, but would prefer to use 2.30 if possible.

Thank you for your help


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OK, I reverted back to BIOS P2.20 and attempted to create the DSDT.

I patched the "Generic (BIOS 2.20)" and ALC892 Audio and got two errors after hitting fix.

The first error was," 2375, Warning, ResourceTag larger than Field (Tag: 64 bits, Field: 32 bits)


Method (_SRS, 1, Serialized)
                           CreateWordField (Arg0, One, IRQ0)
                           FindSetRightBit (IRQ0, Local0)
                           Decrement (Local0)
                           Store (Local0, PCRC)


The second error was, " 10511, error, _HID suffix must be all hex digits (GH)"

Device (_SB.PCI0.DOCK)
       Name (_HID, "ABCDEFGH")
       Name (_CID, EisaId ("PNP0C15"))
       Name (_UID, 0x02)
       Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized)
           Return (Zero)


Any clues?


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OK, I fixed those two issues and now I try running multishit and I get no sound and no internet (I use an Intel CT Gigabit NIC). The ethernet was working with unishit installation.

How can I be sure it is finding and using the DSDT file on the desktop? It is just named DSDT and not DSDT.aml. Or is it correct to not have an AML extension?

Also, is there other kexts from multi beast I can patch in? Or will I always need to run multishit?

Thanks for your help


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I have no idea why the old DSDT is replacing the new one.

I would suggest you to do a fresh install and extract the DSDT. Patch it with Generic 2.20+ALC892 and fix errors.

Disconnect any hard drives leaving only the OS drive connected.

Keep the DSDT.aml file on desktop and chose only these option on multishit.

User DSDT or DSDT-Free Installation

Drivers & Bootloaders > Drivers > Audio > Realtek ALC8xx > With DSDT > ALC892

Also make sure you patch original kext AICPM before you restart http://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1003

Reset of the drivers can be loaded later.

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