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DSDT Pacher Errors Supermicro X8DAI

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HI Guys,

got my Hack (dual W5580) running 10.8 very well.

I just need some help with the DSDT so solve sleep problems, ALC 883 and the thermals / Speedstep etc..

If I extract the DSDT using dsdt patcher I have 2 compilation errors from scratch w/o The patches

After applying the X8DAE (closest I found) patches I have 5 compilation errors.

I have attached the raw DSL.

I would be grateful for any help with this. Would be great to get this awesome machine running 100% glitch free. :D:D


Supermicro X8DAI, 12Gb DDR 1333, 2x Micro 512GB SSD, Geforce GTX 560Ti.

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it's been over a year you posted but is there

any chance you could fill me in on how

exactly you got Lion up and running ?

i can't get to the install ether kp or "please shut down your computer" message

iboot 3.3 montain lion on disk

i have an X8DAi 2 X5650 gtx 580 kingston 1333

Thank you

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Hi, with this board it was very easy.

I am not using a DSDT as it not required.

I just had the fake smc and smbios.plist

Instalitions medium prepared by Xmove

And instalation went fine.

Just needed to patch the Audio everthing else

Works oob incl. sleep.

Still using this system presently with ML

Best hack i ever built.

Hope this helps

Good luck

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Hello again,

Thank you very much for your response

haven't tried xmove yet

it got me through the install ok for lion

couldn't get to the ML install so i tried myhack

and it worked perfectly every thing is smooth.

the only thing is audio can't get audio to work,

tried many many things just no go :-((

how did you manage to get it working ??

i'm almost there !!

Thank you very much


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