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HD 3000 seems "there" but not shown in system profiler

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First of all, my main hardware is in the signature and i am using iMac 12,2 as definition. Actually, i got an HDMI cable ( GTX 580 <--> Monitor) and it works as it should be. Graphics acceleration, PM, sleep, etc,.

GE=n because of a custom GFX Strings.

I try to get my HD 3000 working/recognized properly, and if you see my screen capture, it seems there but not shown in system profiler (maybe because nothing is plugged into it but i doubt as the USB devices are reported despite nothing plugged into it per example) ; i only have a display port and a HDMI in the back panel of my motherboard.

The monitor plugged to the HDMI port, in verbose at the very end of the boot, it just hangs on.


What i can tell,

AppleIntelHD3000Graphics.kext and AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext are loaded.

IOREG report the device, but i am not sure if i could get this "working" with another AAPL,snb-platform-id in my DSDT (not sure about the store package too). Device id 0122 as it is the native one for my IGPU (dev id entered in "IOPCIPrimaryMatch" for both kexts listed just before).

My AGPM is edited in iMac12,2 section to get a PM for the GTX 580 and the IGPU, as report in the .log

BIOS (in the IGPU section) set to Auto (prior to IGPU, PCIE, Auto) because i prefer to use the GTX 580 ; memory set to 64Mb

It's not a big deal as i have a working graphics solution, but i'd like to make this hackintosh close to perfect ;)

So if somenone have a clue or lead, i will appreciate :)

Best regards.

Asus Maximus V Formula, i7 2600K, MSI GTX 580 Lightning

Mountain Lion 10.8 <-- trashed : back to SL ; Chameleon r2070

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I guess you need to set iGPU as primary in BIOS. The only advantage would be to enable AirPlay feature.


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If i set the iGPU as primary, it freezes the boot at the very end of it, no idea why. Set to auto, Airplay seems enable in system preferences/monitor. (HDMI cable plugged into the discrete card).

But the HD 3000 don't appear in system profiler ; maybe it's not a big deal as you tell the purpose is the Airplay feature. I wonder what i am doing wrong :/


EDIT : If Airplay works (tested with Reflection.app), i should conclude, the HD 3000 works. BIOS set to auto.


Asus Maximus V Formula, i7 2600K, MSI GTX 580 Lightning

Mountain Lion 10.8 <-- trashed : back to SL ; Chameleon r2070

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