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Aaron Smith

Need help! ASUS Z9PED8-WS Dual Xeon

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Hello MaLd0n

 Please could you help me to sort out some issues with my sysetem. 

I will be happy to make a donation for your troubles.  I believe I need the correct patches for my board Most things are working pefect only real problems I have is that not all usbs are working no usb 3 and the system randomly shuts down quite a lot sometimes because of usb or just randomly 

Also everything works using system definition Mac Pro 7,1 except for sidecar app

Using system definition iMac 19,1 I can make side car work but I don’t have h264 and  Hvec, which is a problem for me.



Here are my specs:

Motherboard.  ASUS z9ped8-was

CPU.   2 x Intel Xeon e5-2660 2.2 ghz

Ram. 32gb (4x8) 1333 Hynix ECC 

Network Adapter    Fenvi t919





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