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GTX 560 QE/CI Issue..No Ripple :(

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I am wondering does my GPU work OOB? Does it work with full graphics support & acceleration? Someone said if i would see a smooth ripple effect means it work QE/CI. Unfortunatlly i didn't see any ripple so far :(

Friends could you please guide me. Highly appreciate your helpful hand in advanced.

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Use OpenGL Extensions Viewer, it's a better test than "ripple effect".


I installed nvidia official driver 270.00.00f06, then used OpenCL enabler from multishit.

i get so unexpected results. like CineBench OpenGL 6.86 FPS, CPU 4.70 PTS, Geek Bench Intel 32Bit 8153, LuxMark 46 :(

Where is the problem?? Why the scores are too less. Highly appriciate your helpful hand.


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LuxMark in Right side panel it shows GPU Clock:0 MHz it suppose to be 925 MHz. Could you please Tell me bro where is the problem.

2012-08-08 04:51:09 - [RenderEngine] [PathOCLRenderThread::0] Compiling kernels

2012-08-08 04:51:11 - [RenderEngine] [PathOCLRenderThread::0] Kernels not cached

2012-08-08 04:51:11 - [RenderEngine] [PathOCLRenderThread::0] Compiling Init Kernel

2012-08-08 04:51:11 - [RenderEngine] [PathOCLRenderThread::0] Compiling Sampler Kernel

2012-08-08 04:51:11 - [RenderEngine] [PathOCLRenderThread::0] Compiling AdvancePaths Kernel

2012-08-08 04:51:11 - [RenderEngine] [PathOCLRenderThread::0] Kernels compilation time: 1228ms

Result is only 46 :( Could u please tell me where is the problem and how can i able to fix this. Thanks..Thanks once again.

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