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"PCI configuration begin" (even using npci)

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If boot hangs at "PCI configuration begin" even if you type flag npci=0x2000 (or npci=0x3000, ...) use this IOPCIFamily-115 kext ported to work with new AppleACPIPlatform.

Mountain Lion




From http://netkas.org/?p=1072


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ok so i downloaded the kext and downloaded TransMac. I dont know where to put it since theres alot of folders to begin with and how do you put the kext inside the USB using TransMac. thanks :)

here's my laptop specs with kext needed

Lenovo Ideapad Y470

Processor Model : Core i7 2670QM @ 2.26GHz

SATA : Hard Disk / DVD-RW - out of the box

USB : out of the box

Graphics : NVidia Optimus (GT 550M 2GB and Intel HD 3000 512MB )

Audio : ALC 272 - VoodooHDA.kext

Ethernet : Broadcom (doesn't work)

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth : Atheros AR9285 - IO80211Family.kext (AR9285 fix)

Web Camera : Lenovo EasyCam - out of box

Battery : VoodooBattery.kext, AppleACPIPlatform.kext

Keyboard & Trackpad : multishit Apple PS/2 fix

Misc : Shutdown and reboot - EvOreboot, sleep - working with Sleepenabler.kext, card reader - working with JM38X

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ok so i tried it. rebooted windows 7 and used USB stick as primary, set AHCI in BIOS setting. upon installing, it got stuck in PCI Configuration and didnt move from there. tried it twice using -f npci=0x2000 but still stuck. I dont know what to do please help. thank you.

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