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[Help Needed] DSDT Editing: how to start?

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Hello, everybody!

Recently, i was bold enough to make an OsX partition in my tiny ASUS T101 MT (atom N450, GMA 3150). I confess that i almost don't use the windows7 partition anymore: OsX won me completly, i think.

Thanks to the efforts of the OsX86 community in developing modded kernels and drivers, i'm runing Lion 10.7.4 almost flawlessly on my netbook. Almost. My multitouch screen doesn't work, as the sleep/hybernate modes and SDHC card reader. After much search and research, i found that, maybe, the way of DSDT editing/patching could offer me solutions for this issues. Then, i read somewhere that i could get directions about the subject here at Olarila forum.

Since a couple of days ago, i've been reading the many topics about DSDT. Downloaded the DSDT Editor. Learned that i should extract the original dsdt.aml and patch it with this program. I couldn't get past this point, and i'm stuck there, i'm afraid. The problem is, all the tutorials and tips about dsdt patching include, as i understand it:

1) Downloading the DSDT Editor (that was easy);

2) Extract the original DSDT from my computer (the program does it automatically);

3) Patch it using available patches for my specific motherboard (here the real trouble begun: the program itself comes with patches for many motherboards, unfortunatelly none for mine);

4) Put the resultant dsdt.aml at /extras folder (i cannot do it because i cannot make it through the anterior step)!

As far as i know, i should edit my dsdt from scratch. That's the problem: i found nowhere a tutorial for it. All the guides require the goddamn pre-patch for my motherboard - that i couldn't find, so i assume the it does not exist - for the DSDT Editor to work. No tutorial explaining what does that codes and instructions inside the dsdt text file that is opened in the program mean, and no direction or explanation about what specific codes/instructions i should look for in the text for editing related to issues i'm experiencing, and where to look for them among the quite many lines that come inside the text, and what kind of changes i must made.

So i'm asking for help. I'm no acomplished programmer - i have some basic knowledge of C - and i definetly don't want the work done for me, just want to learn how to do it myself in the face of the lack of existing resources for my hardware. Any tips and directions to tutorials that really adress my problem would me much apreciated.

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Hey man! I hear ya, I haven't found much about editing it yourself.

The closest I got was this:


This is for Lion tho, and I'm on SL. You?

Worst case scenario is paying 10 dollars to hackintosh-india.com to get it patched, but come on...

You want to install on an Intel Atom CPU, is that even possible?

I thought I read something about the processor not being supported.

Oh well, hope it helps somewhat, and tell me if something happened. Anything! ;D

I got thru the patching and compiling but I couldn't start up after. o_O



Model: LG R405-S.CPNMV

Processor: Intel C2D 1.6GHz - T5450


RAM: 3 GB 664MHz DDR2

Graphics: GeForce 8400M GS

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Yes, its possible to install it on atom! I have mountain lion already, see this thread! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=281072

More than ever, i need to make my dsdt. Sleep issues continue, and i'm having trouble setting iCloud, having tried almost all methods one can find in google to no avail, and i think that dsdt patching is my last resource for both issues.

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Hello, people!

I switched to Mountain Lion and, now i that i gathered some knowledge about dsdt patching, i'm trying things with dsdt editor to finally get my T101-MT to properly sleep, hibernate and maybe get correct power management without needing voodoo power mini or null cpu power management. Any tip about patches for these issues would be much appreciated! Some of them i think i figured out myself by watching the behavior of my computer.

For an example, maybe i should try an USB sleep patch, since, when my system "sleeps" (quotes necessary), my Huawei 3G mini modem pane shows a disconnection message, but its lights continue blinking, so USB is not sleeping properly for sure. The backlight of my display also does not sleep, since i get a bright white screen when my system "sleeps" (again, quotes meaningful), and my system easily resumes when i click, say, space. So i search and found at least these USB patches, but, as always, it wouldn't be that easy for me. I'm, as said before, using dsdt editor. All seems to be okay, but when i try to compile the patched dsdt, i got some errors. The app has the functionality of auto detect and correct the errors, but there's some that it cannot correct that keeps the process from finishing. Am i doing something wrong? Here's the errors:

2788 Error _HID suffix must be all hex digits (S010)

4669 Error Object does not exist (DTGP)

4714 Error Object does not exist (DTGP)

4759 Error Object does not exist (DTGP)

And the offending lines of the patched DSDT:

2788 name (_HID, "ASUS010")

4669 DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Ref0f (local0))

4714 DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Ref0f (local0))

4759 DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Ref0f (local0))

Any help will be much appreciated!

P.S.: iCloud works, thanks to meklort latest atom kernel: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/863180/kern...ocache.patched

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DTGP is required by many patches, so you will probably need it.


About "_HID suffix must be all hex digits (S010)" replace the last S by any hex digit, no Apple software will look for _HID = "ASUS010".


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Thank you for the answer, oldnapalm! From the thread you suggest me to read:

If AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement doesn't work (need to use NullCPUPowerManagement) even if you enable GenerateCStates and GeneratePStates in Chameleon, check if AppleLPC is loaded (run "kextstat" command in terminal), if it's not, apply one of the LPC patches according to your chipset (desktop/laptop ICH7, ICH8, ICH9, ICH10, Nehalem, Sandy Bridge).

Where do i find a generic patch for LPC, since my processor is an Atom N450 which doesn't fall in any of the listed categories?

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I would try the ICH7 one, but I'm not sure if AICPM works with Atom.


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Hi, Napalm! Long time, no see, eh?

Finally i decided to give dsdt a try. Followed your advice and patched my dsdt using DTGP to mitigate those errors which prevented me to complete the process. I also added the ICH7 patch, and ASUS restart to fix restart issues. Unfortunately, those didn't work, and i'm stuck with NullCPUPowerManagement for now, and that makes a dsdt.aml pretty useless for me. Is there any other option/individual patch related to power management/restart fix that i could try as a last ditch resource?

Just in case, i'm attaching the unedited dsdt.aml, if you want to take a look. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thank you!


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