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DSDT edits for Pro Tools Hackintosh

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My hackintosh with 10.6.8, Easy Beast, Digidesign PCIe Accel Core and Universal Audio UDA-2 DUO Work good. But that's no what I want. I want it to work with the PCI-X cards. Thats why I have a NAF92-Q67. I can get to open Pro Tools HD 9.0.6 software, but play back is distorted and pro tools acts weird.

Here is the complete configuration I'm trying to make it work:

i7 2600K

NAF92-Q67 (A06 BIOS)


PCIe and PCI slots from processor to PSU order:

PCIe EVGA 8400GS 1Gb

PCIe FW800


PCIx Core Accel

PCIx Core Process

Free PCI

Free PCI

Can anyone help? I've attached a dsdt.aml file extracted with ubuntu and all the above hardware inserted. I guess I'll have to edit a custom dsdt file, but don't know which patches should I apply, or which dsdt software to use.


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That sounds like an audio issue more then pro tools. Make sure you update pro tools and then report if the issue continues.

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DSDT Blog: http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/

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