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Node Patching - Help Needed Please -

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Hi Guys,

I have almost got this unit working as I would like, I will post a guide when it's all done. But...

I am having problems with the audio, I can't get all ports to be seen. Can some body else cast there eyes over the audio dump and give me some pointers

I have a Asus P5KPL-AM system with a VIA VT1708B sound system. Using Voodoohda.kext 2.7.3 / OS is ML DP4 / Using a DSDT file. Powercolor 5450 graphics.

I have these ports on the system:











This is listed after patching Node 25 - 35


Black (Rear)

Green (Front)

Orange (Rear)

SPDIF (Black Rear)


Pink (Front)

Pink (Rear)

So I am missing Gray (Output, Rear) Blue (Input, Rear) Green (Output, Rear)

I will attach my audio dump and plist so you can see what and how I have patched the nodes.

If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated.

I have not even added the HDMI ID's yet... One thing at a time!




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Hi cybermole,

I have the same mobo (P5KPL-AM, bios 506) on ML and I have the same problem for this damned VT1708B chip. Thanks to VoodooHDA I have 1 input (Mic, pink rear) and 2 outputs (Line out (green rear) and SPDIF-out (black rear)). I'll try your plist to see if I succeed in adding missing outputs.

I see you are missing the green rear while the vanilla VoodooHDA finds it, so maybe a dump of the plain version could be useful to fix your plist.

BTW, did you succeed in make sleep working with our mobo? I cannot wake it as whem it sleeps it shuts down the USB ports (I cannot wake it with Wake on lan either, also if WOL works when the mobo is fully shut off).

I patched my DSDT with the following patches:

- Shutdown ASUS.txt

- Desktop/LPC ICH7.txt

- DGTP.txt

- Possible operator...is ignored.txt

- Desktop/_T_x rename.txt

Do you suggest some more successful patches?

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