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Use DSDT to change usb stick product ID

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is it possible to create a DSDT patch that changes the product ID for an USB stick?

I have a Pinnacle DVB tuner DVB-T PCTV 2000e and I wish to use it with Elgato EyeTV. Their software has full support for the PCTV 2001e which, AFAIK, is the same device that I own just with a different product ID.


2000e 2304 022c

2001e 2304 0229

I wish to use DSDT to change the Product ID of my 2000e device to the 2001e one, from 022c to 0229. Can I do that with a DSDT patch? And how? I have been looking for it on several forums, but, so far, I have only found patches that change IDs for internal components, not for external USB sticks.

Thanks in advance,


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