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Strange error in my console log

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I have noticed this before and I am not sure why it is happening. My sound works fine for the most part even though I do not have a fully functioning Voodoo.HDA console (no treble, bass ect..) I only have PCM, IMix,and Input Gain control.

Here is the error message I get in console:

5/10/12 2:58:43 PM org.voodoo.driver.voodoohdahelper[119] Found a device of class VoodooHDADevice: IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/HDEF@5/VoodooHDADevice

5/10/12 2:58:43 PM org.voodoo.driver.voodoohdahelper[119] settings file path: /Users/shutterscfsC/Library/Preferences/VoodooHDA.settings

5/10/12 2:58:43 PM org.voodoo.driver.voodoohdahelper[119] error: couldn't find settings file

5/10/12 2:58:43 PM org.voodoo.driver.voodoohdahelper[119] error: can't read settings

5/10/12 2:58:43 PM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[95] (com.apple.Kerberos.renew.plist[116]) Exited with exit code: 1

Not sure if it is anything major, but I would certainly like to know if it is causing my issues with the Voodoo.HDA console functionality.

Thanks guys.

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Looks like a voodoohdahelper problem, try using VoodooHdaSettingsLoader.app instead



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Thanks for the insight. I browsed to the link you provided and downloaded the app. Now in the instructions its says to place the app in an area that I am not quite familiar with:

"My tool rewrite does the same thing; it loads VoodooHDA.settings, does

some consistency checks, and send the settings back to the driver. You

just have to put the app in your startup applications in your account

configuration, and your VoodooHDA settings will be restored on startup.

Terminal does not popup because it\'s a hidden window based app, that

just does its job and then exits."

Where is this located, if I may ask?

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Thanks I found it. I guess a great deal of time will be needed to be put in on my behalf to understand all that is going on with my sound. Everything seems to be working properly, accept whenever I reboot my settings get lost and of course you seen the error code that is generated at startup. I hope this app fixes that problem, otherwise I may just dump the entire project and start over. Sound is very important in my system builds, but alas I am stuck with onboard sound since I have not been able to find an audio card that works natively in Snow Leopard....unless you happen to know of one I could purchase?

Thanks again for all of your help! :D

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