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Patching DSDT for LG R405

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I've successfully installed OSX 10.6.8 from retail DVD by the multishit method.

Everything is hunky dorey except for two things: Sound and Sleep mode (shut down/restart occasionally works out but most of the time it doesn't)

I can get sound if I boot my comp with the mulitibeast CD in the tray.

To my understanding this could be cured by installing the voodoohda .kext, but i'm not certain if this was installed correctly.

It's OK to boot with the CD in, i don't mind that all too much, however I Really would like to have the Sleep and restart functions up and running.

I'm looking for some info on what to do with my DSDT.

I've managed to extract it from my BIOS. However, I'm unsure if it's 'vanilla' since I didn't read up too much about the whole thing when researching the whole Hackintosh culture and I've installed quite a lot of stuff more or less blindly to get it to work (eager to get that XVX Pro Tools HD up n running, eh ;)

How can i tell if it's unedited?

Now, I don't know what to do or what I dare to do.

All the guides so far have been about patching your DSDT from a pre-edited one (most refer to this site, a few others to tonycrap, etc.)

Nothing for my computer or chipset so far.

The only thing I managed to find was this:


This guy seems to have the same chipset but when I followed his install instructions all I got was stuck at the apple startup screen.

I need someone to guide me through the steps, I'd love to patch it myself but I need an assuring pat on the back before i mess up my dear computer permanently! ^_^'''

Have a great day!




My sleep is not functional in the sense that when I press Sleep, I get a kernel Panic.

When rebooting I get an error message, can't find mach_kernel, reboot again and then I can boot up properly.

I started getting this problem after installing sleppenabler.kext, before that I'd simply go into dark screen-fans on and have to press the power for 5 secs to turn it off.



Model: LG R405-S.CPNMV

Processor: Intel C2D 1.6GHz - T5450


RAM: 3 GB 664MHz DDR2

Graphics: GeForce 8400M GS

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