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Need Help in PinConfig for VoodooHDA and Acer 8943G


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Hi all,

i've a annoying Problem with my Acer 8943G Laptop on OSX 10.7.x

My ATI 5650Mobile is running fine (modified ATI5000.KEXT) and everything else to but not my SoundCard.

The System contains ATI HMDI (Which isn't working, but that is not a Problem for me) and also Intel HD-Audio named as ALC670.

VoodooHDA identifies the Card correct but only the left inbuilt Speaker works. If i connect a HeadSet both left and right is working. Therefore the PIN-Config seems to be the problem.

But there are so many config possible and no change so far seems to change anything.

Therefore could someone check the outputs and bring some light into this ?

Best regards



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Could you please post the output of getdump*, i will upload it or you can download it from this forum. I will have a look but i'm not that good myself. But maybe a new set of eyes will help.

*To use get dump goto terminal and cd to the folder of getdump, then type getdump >dump.txt




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