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Olarila HackBeast GA B460M DS3H - Full DSDT patches - Clover or OpenCore - Guide and Discussion

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15 hours ago, quan0509 said:



I follow & use your files to build b460 with iGPU but my Hackintosh Pasted Graphic.png.zipdetect the system with CPU core i9 6 cores, but my system is only core i5 - 10600.

By the way, I posted the full dump here, please kindly support to get the full patch




How to revise it to the right spec?





Have you tried airplay yet? Does it work stably? My device is identical to yours and currently when airplay is output it only sounds no screen signal, when I turn it off, the screen still shows the last connection

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6 hours ago, quan0509 said:

so how to change cpu detect from i9 to i5 (my CPU is i5 10600) not i9.


u can change cputype

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24 minutes ago, czerwus said:

Hi guys. Any chance for DSDT patch for bios F5d of this mobo?

update bios and post one full dump here

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9 minutes ago, czerwus said:

Hello Sir. Please check your DM. 


Check there

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