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Big Sur Public Beta on Ivy Bridge + Nvidia

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Successful installation of Public Beta on Ivy bridge (i5-3470) with Nvidia GT740

Everything runs great.

The only problem I have is that I cannot connect to my Apple ID (iCloud). I can connect without any problem to my App Store, but when I try to connect to my iCloud I get a message saying "cannot connect to Apple server". Do you experience this too?

Στιγμιότυπο 2020-08-14, 9.45.56 πμ.png


I made a short video. 


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oh! man  you should at least share your work, how to make a complete usb installer or EFI . I have 3 pcs. One PC ez to install . another system Ivy bridge like impossible.

edit: i have seen your file on description youtube.

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