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macOS Big Sur Public Beta 20A5343j

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11.0.20A5343j macOS Big Sur Beta

-Olarila Vanilla Images-


or create your usb installer, use this file and download Big Sur from Apple servers

installScript_1016fullapp.zip Credits: crazybirdy

Copy BIG SUR installer to Applications folder, open terminal and run 

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Big\ Sur\ Beta.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/UsbName







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15 hours ago, liemhatang said:

U have images?

Yes. check first post



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Maldon, i have this issue longtime and I didn’t worry about that when im using catalina, but its keep getting annoying me and how do i fix this 

issue : when my mac display sleeps after few minutes of idle it won’t turn back on, its like deep sleep i think, i can see my keyboard and mouse turns on but not the display, any fix ? 
im using SSDTTIMES to make my ssdt’s and my specs are 

Core i7 6700K

Asus Z170 Pro Gaming

16GB 3200mhz DDR4 TridentZ

Intel HD530 (patched and works all fine)

Now im running this BigSur Public Beta

12 hours ago, rudy33 said:

Are there many differencies between public beta and developer beta?

Last Dev build and Public Beta build are the same, it even has same build number but last latter change 

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1 hour ago, worrawoutv said:

Thank you bro.


1 hour ago, NadeejaNirmala said:

Intel HD530 (patched and works all fine)

sleep don't work with this igpu

35 minutes ago, Hamed said:

-The system restarts randomly


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1 hour ago, TarsXP said:

I want to know about the stability of Big Sur Public. Can I use for common tasks without problems? Any alerts for considerable bugs?

looks very good for now

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14 minutes ago, TarsXP said:

I will try Big Sur public. Can I use the same OC EFI as my Catalina installation? Do I need any specific adjustments?

update kexts and bootloader

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Hello in case someone uses this information.
Yesterday I installed big asur on Noteboock 15 HP and after many unsuccessful attempts I decided to change the boot arguments to these. -V kext-dev-mode = 1 dart = 0 nv_disable = 1 -cdfon -igfxnohdmi alcid = 3. With this I now have Catalina 10.15.6 and Big Sur boot

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