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macOS Catalina on Lenovo Yoga 460

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Hello all, first post here :) a few weeks ago, MaLd0n helped me boot and configure my Lenovo Yoga 460 for Catalina. So here I share a new guide :) 



Disassembly video for reference:



CPU: intel i5-6300U 2.5GHz, Skylake 6th gen working

RAM: 4+4=8GB

GPU: integrated Intel HD 520 working with full QE

HDD: 1 TB SSD, split in 333 Windows + 333 Mint + 333 Catalina working with Clover boot manager

Wifi: Lenovo 00JT494 purchased, to replace the included intel micro-pcie wifi (if that's what its called) working

Bluetooth (a USB sub-device in the wifi card): worked at first, but then it stopped

14" 1920x1080 LCD screen working

Finger screen touch and stylus pen not working

Touchpad and "pencil eraser" control working

Touchpad scroll not working

Backlit keyboard working

Webcam working

USB, 3 ports working

HDMI port working

No ethernet

Sound working

Catalina 10.15.5

Clover EFI used:

(see attached) it works for both the Olarila installer image and a native "createinstallmedia" way

I had constant problems getting it to boot and work correctly, until I removed the wifi card, then MaLd0n helped me with a patch, then the OS accepted the Wifi

I hope that this is useful for someone else... and if anyone has any tips for the ELAN touchpad and touchscreen controller, it would be amazing to use the stylus in macOS :) 

EFI Lenovo Yoga 460.zip

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