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[GUIDE] How to install MacOs Sierra on Haeir Y11B

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I am assuming you are new to hackintosh, so i will start from scratch.

Things you will need,
1. 16GB USB
2. Transmac to burn image
3. Olarila Sierra Image
4. Bootpack for Y11B
5. Wireless USB Adapter Clover


Let's start with burning image on USB

1. Run transmac as administrator 
2. Select your USB
3. Right click on it and click format disk for MacOs
4. Once it's done, right click and click restore disk with image and select Olarila image
5. Mount EFI parition
If partition is hidden use minitool partition wizard and assign letter to unhide it.
6. Goto clover delete Config, ACPI, Kexts, Drivers folder
7. Paste above delete files from bootpack
8. Boot from USB
9. When it asks you where to install, open disk utility and format desired drive with MacOS extended Journaled
10. Close it and install
11. Once its installed, goto olarila image/files and run master-disable.command
12. Mount USB EFI partition with clover config located in olarila image/files folder
13. Copy EFI folder
14. Now mount system EFI partition and paste, it will ask you to replace it.
15. Install wireless USB adapter Clover
16. Restart.

Only bluetooth does not work and i think you can live without it as drivers doesn't exist for this device.
If audio doesn't work after waking it from sleep place codeccommander.kext in your EFI/Clover/Kexts/Others and reboot.

Feel free to ask for help.


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