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I cannot boot into OC and Clover after installation on my Atermiter x79g + Xeon E5 2658v2 because it always stuck on [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]. Please patch my DSDT as attached below and many thanks for the support.


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Hello maldon,

Can you help me please
I have 10900f
Z490 vision G
RX 5600 XT Asus Dual Evo
Samsung 970 Evo Plus
Cooler Master liquid Cooler 240
750w power supply
I made opencore EFI folder 0.6.6 by myself
and tried a lot others EFI folders from internet
0.6.6 to 0.7.5 everything work fine on Big Sur
Audio, HDMI, Displayport, USB and Ethernet
Shutdown and restart working but i have a problem with sleep
when i choose sleep, the PC goes to sleep for less than 1 second and wakes again
the display is still in sleep until I click a button
but the fans, liquid cooler and GFX Card back to work and light.
* i tried different bios version
* i tried different sleep setting in macos system preferences
* i tried different hackintool power settings
Can you tell me what is my problem please
This is my current EFI folder
Thanks for supporting the community.
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