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Hi @MaLd0n can you check my sendme?


My issues generally are:

  • Occasional graphics crashing the machine
  • Sometimes ethernet doesn't work (device shows then hides then shows then hides)
  • 90% of the time, shutdown freezes the machine

I imagine the sendme tells this, but I'm on an i3-8100 with a Gigabyte RX 580 8GB on a Gigabyte B365M DS3H with 2x8GB RAM in the slots that are shown in your $300 Hackintosh guide.

Donated a while back and never resolved my issue on a different MoBo.

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Hey @MaLd0n

I have succeed install Big Sur on my PC
i'm using B450 AsRock Steel Legend + Ryzen 5 3600 + Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT
Overall, all features going well

But when i'm trying to sleep my pc, it cant wake up, it just turned on the PC, but the monitor, mouse, keyboard doesnt seems to wake up.

Would you mind to take a look ?

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20 hours ago, wh0ami_7 said:

Dear MaLd0n,

Post one Full Dump

19 hours ago, StarSix6 said:

Hez @MaLd0n I hope Ive made no mistake. 


17 hours ago, Natan Oliveira said:

Eu eu tenho que reinstalar tudo? Tentei trocar a pasta para a pasta com clover que estava usando antes, mas não dá boot tbm 

é somente config, não sistema

17 hours ago, fbfreitas said:

Segue o novo sendme, como solicitado.


15 hours ago, Iron-phil said:

I did.




<string>&lt;02040a00 00080000 87010000&gt;</string>


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15 hours ago, TonCez said:

this send_me file, thks

check if work


12 hours ago, Fsystembr said:


5 hours ago, crowding said:

Hi @MaLd0n can you check my sendme?

use it, reboot and extract new sendme


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7 hours ago, Muslem Dermawan said:

hi, @MaLd0n


share file in google drive

6 hours ago, wahyudiin_ said:

hi MaLd0n i'm back with new send me please patch my dsdt i have a problem with sleep and wake


6 hours ago, anhnpt said:

Hi MaLd0n, can you help me patch dstd for my laptop


5 hours ago, crowding said:

Thanks for the help so far @MaLd0n


use iMacPro1,1 smbios with shikigva=128

36 minutes ago, dario17 said:

Alguém me ajuda!


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