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1 hour ago, Drew Hall said:

Z390 Designare with 9900k and Vega 64. Catalina 10.15.4 on Clover.

send me paypal transaction id and files via PM if u donated

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use my folder and don't change nothing https://tinyurl.com/ttu8wyt DSDT.aml.zip u need check it bro https://www.olarila.com/topic/5295-guide-hardware-encoder-hardware-decoder

DSDT.aml.zip https://github.com/acidanthera/AirportBrcmFixup/releases DSDT.aml.zip post one full dump DSDT.aml.zip

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Hello and good day. 


I have used Olarila Intel AMD Catalina build to install 10.15 on my HP Pavilion G4. The laptop has an i3-2120 and dual graphics AMD Seymour and Intel 2000 Series. Ive used the EFI file provided but KP happens. OS X will only boot if I use the usb installer and choosing my ssd. Ive noticed my screen brightness key is not working and also my wifi. Also my built in mouse can be used, but the buttons do not register any clicks.


Thank you so much for your hard work.


Send me file:


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Hi Maldon, i have formatted my pc because many problem with usb etc etc etc.

this is my fresh install with mojavi :


I have donate i would like have DSDT for opencore.


z390 master gigabyte

readon rx 580

3 nvme hd

3 ssd

32 giga ram

fireware pci card



this is paypal transition 4DG69011DE087071T

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Hi there I have just donated but the link for donors to submit dsdt requests and patches don't seem to work . The name is ugoobi007. Please find attached a copy of my runme output here. The system is a dell precision m6800 laptop. I had it working earlier on Catalina but I messed around which made the system unbootable. I tried reinstalling but cannot get it to work. I had used this guide here earlier which worked flawlessly. I had used the info there to install Mojave which I later upgraded to Catalina without issues. My issues now is this: after installing kexts in the post install to L/E and creating an EFI folder with relevant files, I cannot boot to the desktop(either get a black screen or it panicked). I have been at it for close to a week now. I had also used your images both Catalina and Mojave which either install with discrete or IGPU which also failed to boot to the desktop after post install with both either of the graphics cards.

What I want now is to be able to use the discrete card (Nvidia K5100 8gb) exclusively. I would want to use it as a desktop because I need the Nvidia card to work. The laptop can enable or disable Nvidia Optimus. With Optimus disabled the internal display work (did not try external, but I believe it would work), with it enabled the internal display uses intel hd 4600.

The spec are as follows Dell Precision M6800:

Intel i7-4940MX- Intel HD Haswell 4600 

32 GB RAM 

Nvidia Quadro K5100M 8GB

4 USB 3 ports (worked before with usbmap.kext smbios MacBook Pro)

1 eSATA/USB 2 port (worked before with usbmap.kext smbios MacBook Pro)

Camera (worked before with usbmap.kext smbios MacBook Pro) 

Crucial SSD 1TB 

AzureWave AW-CE123H WiFi and BT Adapter


The runme file generated is using the K5100M. I had used the series 8 desktop folder to replicate the boot disk but it failed to boot. So I copied the USB EFI to my system EFI which booted. Will be waiting for your response as soon as possible.

What is needed: usb patches, audio patches, graphics, full dsdt patches, sleep, etc and every other thing that will make the laptop the best it can be. Would prefer opencore as bootloader, if possible.  Thanks

Ethernet and wifi currently work fine

RunMe, file too big so this is a google drive link. Thanks

N.B. Should you need more info please do let me know. I really appreciate your work. Thanks again.

Paypal Transaction ID: 1XG46311KK180045E

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added Paypal Transaction ID
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Please send me patch.

HP Elite Desk i5 3.29 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core 

8GB ram

Mobo USB recognizes   only 1 USB storage  a time and asks to power it up
No audio

Audio works if USB DAC or card inserted and use output there..
Mac always require te istaller USB to boot


Archive 2.zip

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2 hours ago, ugooh said:

Hi there

ur config is wrong, dont use folder from Olarila usb, u need use folder for chipset, apply a video patch and embedded controller rename, reboot and extract new send_me


or extract original dsdt



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18 minutes ago, MaLd0n said:

ur config is wrong, dont use folder from Olarila usb, u need use folder for chipset, apply a video patch and embedded controller rename, reboot and extract new send_me


or extract original dsdt

I this is my original dsdt.

u need use folder for chipset, apply a video patch and embedded controller rename: which chipset (series 8?), how to patch video, embedded controller rename. Would appreciate if you could point me in the right direct. sorry for being noob. Thanks 


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56 minutes ago, MaLd0n said:

use Olarila folder and enable ecdv to ec patch rename

Which folder exactly as I would not want to waste your time much. Series 8 laptop or desktop? Though it is a laptop but want to use the dgpu exclusively. Then after this I reboot and run runme again right?.Thanks

used desktop folder and here is the new file generated.

Send me MacBook-Air.zip

Edited by ugooh
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On 5/12/2020 at 7:49 PM, MaLd0n said:


remove bootarg -wegnoegpu

Just sent you a file although with a desktop folder. Lost keyboard function. Using an external keyboard for typing this. Will use the folder suggested and try again. Thanks always.

New file

Edited by ugooh
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