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use my folder and don't change nothing https://tinyurl.com/ttu8wyt DSDT.aml.zip u need check it bro https://www.olarila.com/topic/5295-guide-hardware-encoder-hardware-decoder

DSDT.aml.zip https://github.com/acidanthera/AirportBrcmFixup/releases DSDT.aml.zip post one full dump DSDT.aml.zip

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I have i7 2600k installed on gigabyte z77p-d3(https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-Z77P-D3-rev-10#sp), which is 7th generation chipset. I use sapphire HD 7850 2GB OC for my graphics but can't boot with it because it reachs always to a black screen and nothing happens at all (even with safe mode and can't even install MacOS using it), I tried all possible flags and WEG with Lilu but no luck to fix the black screen. So I am using intel hd 3000 as a helping graphics to boot and at the very end the cursor appear but no interaction is possible (no kext is loaded), so I connect the display to the hd 7850 and it works that way. I don't know if dsdt patches will help with this problem or not, but I thought I should ask before giving up.

And please how should I send you RunMe zip file and dsdt table, should I boot using IGX and do it as mentioned, or should I boot using HD 7850 to clover menu, save the dsdt tables and then reboot using IGX and generate RunMe zip file and combine it with the with dsdt tables?

and after using patched dsdt should I keep using Clover ACPI patches? and what configurations should I use for clover? (I am using my own config.plist, which I made through testing and error, I tried using your "chipset EFI folder" but it didn't help at all), and does using VirtualSMC have any benefits over FakeSMC and vise versa?

BTW Which SMBios should I use for my system? and does that make a difference after patching dsdt?

one more question please: should I disable IGX completly because it's no more compatible with MacOS or I do use kexts from older version (https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/fix-intel-hd-graphics-3000-on-macos-mojave-10-14-x.332/)?

Installed kexts in /L/E/ are AppleALC, ALXEthernet(for my Ethernet, AtherosE2200 doesn't work), Lilu, USBInjectAll, VirtualSMC, WEG

I know that's to much but I am really glad for help.

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[ref]ivandmpk[/ref], yes, is correct, update clover to last version


Fixed! Thanks man.

Question :

Why is my CPU recocnized as i9.

I am using SMBIOS 18.3 (7700K)

CPU is 9700K


IntelGFX: 0x3E928086

ig-platform : 0x3E920003



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[ref]vukt921538[/ref], is about ur serials

Added in 4 minutes 2 seconds:

[ref]AfonnsoCF[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip

battery check useful links in my sig

Added in 9 minutes 5 seconds:

[ref]Hazemjaki[/ref], u use a uefi mode?

Added in 3 minutes 11 seconds:

[ref]ivandmpk[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip

Still not working here, but now even unplugged shows charging and at 0%. :(

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[ref]ivandmpk[/ref], don't need plugin type in config.plist

idk, need check a correct for i5 or i7, is just cosmetic :mrgreen:

Added in 27 seconds:

[ref]AfonnsoCF[/ref], u need create ur battery patch

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Boa noite.

Não consigo enviar o relatório do meu equipamento: Dell Inspiron 2330

Diz que o tamanho é muito grande, está com 9.3 Mb.

Detectou ambas placas de vídeo, USB 2.0 e 3.0, consegui colocar o Wifi para funcionar, a placa de rede, CD/DVD, controle de brilho, som (porém, não sai áudio nos autofalantes embutidos, apenas na saída para fone, não sei o que pode ser, ainda estou pesquisando....), leitor de cartão também não funcionou. Não sei se pelo tamanho do cartão, acima de 32 GB, ou kext que não funciona mesmo.

Está ligando e desligando na boa, mas não hiberna e se a tela desliga, não volta ou volta e fica travado.

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I've been working on this Hackintosh project for a few days now and I've got it 90% working, except a few things that I can't figure out.

1) When I click sleep, the OS freezes for a few seconds and then continues without any changes

2) All shutdowns result in the kernel panic in the picture no matter what settings I use. It occurs after the shutdown freezes on a line saying "...will call reboot with arguments:0x8"

3) WiFi & Graphics Card issues:

I doubt anything can be done as no drivers exist yet, but I have an Intel CNVi chip for WiFi and Bluetooth and OSX does not recognize it in any way, although Bluetooth "pretends" to work. For graphics, I have an RTX 2070 (with the iGPU disabled) which has no web drivers from nVidia yet anyway, but some things act extremely laggy while others work fine. Is this a driver issue or something else? I'm not sure if anything can be done about either of these issues, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

As for anything like iMessage functionality, without internet I have no idea if any of those things work. I have my send_me file attached from runme.app and a picture of the kernel panic I receive when shutting down. Also, I'm sorry if any of this doesn't belong here, but I'm not exactly sure how all this works, but I don't known much about patching DSDT. Thank you in advance for any help!



<IMGUR id="BzZPRsV"><a href=https://i.imgur.com/BzZPRsV.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

Hackintosh Setup:

Intel Core i7-8700k

G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB (2x8GB, DDR4 2666MHz)

MSI MPG z390 Gaming Plus (using clover folder for 300 series chipset; boots stable alone)

x2 Intel NVMe 660p 1T Drives

ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 O8G

Intel CNVi Wireless Chip & Antenna

550w PSU

(Dual boot with Windows 10 through Clover boot loader; installed on separate drives)

I hope this is enough info, thanks again!

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[ref]lucasnoman[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip


Added in 6 minutes 13 seconds:

[ref]fbfreitas[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip

se vc souber qual o nome do device eu posso desativar

Added in 59 seconds:

[ref]shoaibshah575[/ref], use previous dsdt, u don't need edit again

Added in 36 minutes 21 seconds:

[ref]TylerHats[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip

ur nvidia dont work

Added in 10 minutes 2 seconds:

[ref]xaving_93[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip




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