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check hackintool for video patch   DSDT.01.zip   https://easyupload.io/209pb4     esse seu plist tá zicado   DSDT.02.zip   DSDT.03.zip

check rehabman repo   post files   DSDT.01.zip   ye   config.plist.zip need remove many renames   DSDT.02.zip   is a correct fol

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[ref]mtbisboss[/ref], i need a full dump



Added in 2 minutes 50 seconds:

[ref]victorly[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip


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[ref]deuceduzit[/ref], hmm, no idea about it, u check in google?i never check it :mrgreen:

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[ref]bluehelium[/ref], check rehabman repository

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Hi, i'm new in the world of Hackintosh.. This is my first time that I try with Hackintosh so... But i need help, i tried to download some kext, but it was freeze and after crash (all in one Minute after startup). I need dsdt and kext for Wifi, graphics, audio, usb (i don't know)and etc (chipset). Thank you if someone help me :)

High Sierra

i3 5005U

Intel Graphics HD 5500


Send me Giovannis-iMac.zip

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Not really sure what this file is used for but right now my only problem with my Hackintosh is that the resolution is stuck at 1280x1024. I tried looking at the resolution settings and scaling but it says my monitor is 23 inch when in fact it is 32 and 1440p. I do not see any higher resolution settings right now. If you could fix it with the file or tell me how to fix it that would be great, thanks! (I'll upload file later, for some reason it is greyed out and cannot upload) It says: Invalid file extension: iMac.ioreg

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