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Laptop Black Screen after apple logo when HDMI is connected

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Hi....this is the problem....

1-) Boot with HDMI connected:

- After Apple logo, laptop display goes black / HDMI monitor as secondary display normal;

2-) Boot with HDMI disconnected:

- Laptop display normal, then after Login screen I connect the HDMI display and get the two displays with image;


ps: MacOS Catalina is installed...

This is driving me crazy😃😃😃😃....any help???


Lenovo Yoga 710-15ISK

Intel HD520

Thank you!


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On 7/1/2020 at 7:21 PM, megamac2020 said:

I tried all, pikera too.... Very strange....I saw something in the logs about not sufficient energy to that port (DVI and HDMI same connector)  right before "Login Screen"




My problem was solved, something was causing me conflict, I backed up the progress and reinstalled again without adding anything extra except solution for hd 520, that solved me, it work for me in Catalina and Mojave, I stayed with mojave for 32b support.


my config is a mess, but it works for me, while I learn to perfect it



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