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[ALIEXPRESS] MB Chinese X99 + XEON = Why Not?

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Hi Friends,

Has anyone tried Hackintosh the Chinese X99 motherboards that have become so fashionable lately?
I want to try, but before I wanted to know if you see it feasible.
Pros and cons.

Clover or OpenCore?

I've never used OpenCore, I guess it's still green.

Thank you.

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11 minutes ago, MaLd0n said:

clover or opencore, but clover is complete solution

Hi MaLd0n,

You have already encouraged yourself, to do some hackintosh with Chinese plates of aliexpress X99?

I am making a budget. motherboard + xeon (12cores) + 256gb ram ddr3 = € 599

There are also dual core boards.
But it's already very hardcore, right?


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  • 5 months later...

I've hackintoshed a few X99 Chinese single socket boards using Clover.

They run well.

I was looking to shift to OpenCore or Clover 5125 as it is compatible with Big Sur but haven't yet been able to make them run.

I can post my working EFI if someone can help me shift to OpenCore.


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