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Dualboot Dell Inspiron 7359 Hakintosh :)

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Sorry file not attached,please visit fb link for my pics- https://www.facebook.com/groups/hackintosch/permalink/10158528713507446/

here's how i dual boot Olarila Catalina and Windows 10-
Boot clover>select config2> select installer and partition whole drive as mac os extended journaled an GPT format>finish installing Macosx> login> open clover configurator>Mount EFI>copy ur specific model or selected EFI folder to laptop EFi> open Disk utility> shrink drive for windows10 install(Mine 50GB) as mac os extended journaled >restart>boot to windows installer>
now this part is very important
 select windows installation disk>delete partition>now don't create new one> click next>finish install> 
if u have error then ur EFI formated as NTFS not fat32> then u need to do same process again>
ok after finish windows install>download easyuefi and easybcd software>then open cmd as administration>then write as i mentioned>
diskpart>list disk> select disk 0(mine was 0)>list partition>select partition1(mine is 1 as  name is system)>assign> open easyuefi>UEFI Manage>create new entry>select linux or other os from dropdown menu> rename Clover>browse cloverx64.efi(don't switch clover folder any other place,keep it as same it was)>ok>put clover entry top of boot list or keep macosx boot entry(stock boot by installation)>then u will dual boot olarila.see video for overall concepts-


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