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HELP PLEASE!!! I don't wanna leave Hackintosh

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I don't even know from where to start cuz i did everything that i could and nothing to solve this problem. The problem is, i have a extreme lag in my Hackintosh with High Sierra build 17G65, at first i thought it could be my Graphic Card, but was not (i think), but now that my Graphic Card is with the correct Web Driver and CUDA version and i'm still with this lag, i think it is not the problem. So i tried other things to solve this, VoodooTCSync.kext, SSDT with a custom power management, AGPM Inject, change config.plist SMBIOS and a lot of other things like, Plugin Type on and off, Plugin Type=1 (with that i could enable speedstep on in my cpu), literally, i tried everything that most people can try, but i'm still with this lag. I made a full dump of my system with RunMe from Olarila and i'm uploading to Filebin with my EFI folder and a IOReg too, if anyone know how i can fix it, please, help me, i don't wanna leave this system because of a lag, everything is working fine, just this lag is the problem.


My config:

System: High Sierra build 17G65 (dualboot with Windows 10)

Motherboard: GA-P35-DS3

CPU: Xeon x5450

GPU: GTX 750 Ti

RAM: 8Gb 4x2 800Mhz

SSD 120GB SanDisk


I recored two videos, one is from the lag and other is my verbose boot.

LAG: https://youtu.be/6LJ2EJDP4ek

Cloover verbose boot (slow): https://youtu.be/ng6S9w29TAY

EFI Folder, RunMe and IOReg: https://filebin.net/elfqwjqeh7n3cwq0

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4 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

u don't need voodootscsync

use Generate p and c states in clover instead plugin type

use iMac10,1 smbios, is a correct for u

i already tried to remove voodootscsync and i was already using generate p and c and tried too swith to imac 10,1 and trying it right now and the lag still here.

if i'm not using plugin type, my cpu 0 stay like this 

A imagem pode conter: texto

and if i'm using plugin type, it stay like this


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