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Guest Icaro82

Can Sidecar works in a Legacy system?

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Guest Icaro82

Hi everyone,

I've been reading and testing for months  and Sidecar still doesn’t work in my hackintosh.

My hardware:
CPU: Xeon x5675 (Legacy / Westmere) - BAD because it’s old and it has no iGPU.
Ati RX 590 - GOOD because it’s full compatible with OSX.
Fenvi T919 - GOOD because it’s full compatible with OSX.

Device: iPad Pro 3rd Gen
System: Catalina 10.15.3
Bootloader: OpenCore

Tests and what I have been learned:

SMBIOS iMacPro 1.1 or MacPro 7.1
It works very well with the dGPU but it depends on the T2 chip for Sidecar works. As a result I get a black screen on the iPad.

SMBIOS from previous iMacs
H264 and HEVC solved with shikigva=128 but DRM content not working (this is not important for me right now). Sidecar shows me Timed Out error.

SMBIOS iMacPro 6.1
I used a patched version of Sidecar for unsupported systems but it didn't work. I think because I upgrated Catalina to the latest version.

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice. For me it’s very important to have Sidecar working because I ‘m a graphic designer and this is a very useful functionality for my daily work.

Thank you all!!!

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