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Share the secret sauce, DSDT patching

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First of all, even though I personally haven't had one, I wanna thank all you guys for what you do with the patching, because quite frankly its a wonderful thing you do.

One thing I'm really interested in is the PCI mapping and injection into the DSDT. I've been trying to figure out how its done, and to work my head around this complex world of DSDT patching, why certain patches are needed and how to do it.

I was hoping, really for MaLd0n since he seems to be the don at this (no pun intended), to share his secret sauce about how he gets the PCI devices to show up. I would really like to know how its done, and also maybe get a better understanding of how all of this works really.

So yeah I'm hoping you guys will share the secret sauce of how you guys get the PCI devices to show.

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