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Olarila and Dell Precision 5810

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I am coming back to the Hackintosh world after about 10 years away. I have a nice Precision to play with and want to see what I can do with it.

So, I've downloaded the latest Olarila image with Catalina and am attempting to boot it, but the installer keeps crashing near the

FakeSMC: Opensource by netkas...

line. It isn't consistent. Sometimes it gets farther, sometimes it doesn't get that far. This is the first boot. I'm trying to bring up the initial installer. Attached is a pic of the boot process.

It's been a while for me, but I am trying to track down this issue. I'm a bit on the rusty side. I've begun trying to follow this guy's process, but so far have been unsucessful (I know he has an AMD GPU... and I don't):


Does anyone have any pointers?

System info:

Dell Precision T5810

Xeon E5-1660v3


512GB SSD (Sata)

Nvidia K4200




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Thanks for the quick replies,


It turns out moving my Flash drive from a USB 3 port to USB 2 port did the trick. The installer came up and I was able to begin installation. I am currently installing the system.

Clover Version 5100 did not boot in USB 2 ports either. It appears I had both drives in and moved to 5103, which allowed me to use any USB port to boot and install.


Thanks again.

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Hi Maldon,

I've run into a few issues that I am currently working through.

1. Audio is a bit of an issue. Mac OS will not recognize my audio device (Realtek ACL280). ID 1 doesn't work, ID 3 shows up (but I am not certain that it actually plays audio... I have not had a successful attempt in itunes of playing things), but booting is flaky it seems on ID 3.

I've installed LILU and AppleALC Kexts from Clover.

2. Video in iTunes, and AppleTV do not work. With this full screen enters and immediately exits.

- I am running a Nvidia K4200 that is showing up as metal supported. The card is recognized and has smooth windowing.

3. Sleep seems to hang up upon wakeup that requires a hard reboot.

4. When the OS command to restart is given the system seems to hang on an ALF line (second link given), and a hard restart is required to boot.

Here are two links:

1. Extracted tables from Clover:


2. Image for reboot hang context:


If you've got a few pointers to send me off on an investigation feel free to let me know.



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