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ALC256 - DELL 7567 - Subwoofer not working - How to fix ?

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Hi, my hackintosh on DELL 7567 is almost complete but I still have one thing, that's subwoofer on ALC256, currently sound from my dell 7567 just a mono ? I hear there's no bass, I mean there's no more subwoofer (on my Windows it works normally). I use layout-id = 21 for my ALC256, if I use layout-id = 13 it will also has subwoofer but it's separated, not work at the same time (have to toggle to subwoofer and I will hear only subwoofer works but not mono). I'm using AppleALC to patch, so.... anyone knows how to fix this ? Thanks !

My specs: i5 7300HQ, GTX1050, Intel HD 630 Graphics

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try other layout-id


if don't work u need edit one for ur case

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try other layout-id


if don't work u need edit one for ur case


Okay thanks a lot. Here's what I found: There are 3 layout-id that has subwoofer but has their own problem:

layout-id 13 & 97 : Has 2 internal (1 is mono, 1 is subwoofer) and I have to choose 1, or mono or subwoofer, can't make it play at the same time (mono+ subwoofer at the same time I mean) but if I choose subwoofer, only the speaker on the left works, on the right not.

layout-id 57 & 1 more I forgot to note: only subwoofer, but the strange thing here (like 13 & 97): subwoofer will work only on the left, right is not.

layout-id 56: seems have both mono and subwoofer (i am not sure) but microphone not working... so... forget it :''D

... and the rest layout-id I've tried: only mono sound, no subwoofer.

So... what should I do now ?

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In short, to better understand what I did:

If I found out layout-id which has subwoofer so there are 2 cases:

+ Subwoofer but separated, not working together with mono (so I have to choose or internal (mono) or internal (subwoofer)

+ Subwoofer but only sound from the left, there's no sound on the right.

And both 2 cases, subwoofer only work on the left, on the right it's not.

So... I mean how to let internal (subwoofer) work at the same time with internal (mono) - like on Windows. macOS only work or mono or subwoofer, not together.

Any advises from you, I very appreciated, tks <3

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