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Graphics issue on HD3000

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First time hackintosher here. I have installed High Sierra on my Acer Aspire E1-471, but I cannot get graphics acceleration to work. I can only boot if I use 0x12345678 on the graphics injector in Clover. If I don't do that and use WhateverGreen+Lilu I get the kextd stall 'IGPU' error. the sound also doesn't work with appleALC and the trackpad works partially. Can anyone help me? My CPU is a i5 2400M. I'm including the run.me file. Here: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/da5bc3574f8a8b7579c22033f6ad879620200120163840/317958590147711e44d41f8acfacbcc520200120163840/c9151c

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i opened it in clover configurator but looking into the devices tab i can't find where the device-id parameter is located


<IMGUR id="KFL05is"><a href=https://i.imgur.com/KFL05is.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

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after some messing around i fixed the graphics, but for that I changed the config.plist to RehabMan's one for HD3000 on a 7-series board (i had been considering i was dealing with a 6-series but it turns out i was wrong). but the sound is gone again now. i also patched the DSDT with the proper HD3000 7-series patch. what can i do to get sound back on?

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Em 20/01/2020 às 13:41, himunebato disse:

Hackintosher pela primeira vez aqui. Instalei o High Sierra no meu Acer Aspire E1-471, mas não consigo fazer com que a aceleração gráfica funcione. Só consigo inicializar se usar 0x12345678 no injetor gráfico no Clover. Se eu não fizer isso e usar WhateverGreen+Lilu, recebo o erro 'IGPU' do kextd stall. O som também não funciona com appleALC e o trackpad funciona parcialmente. Alguém pode me ajudar? Minha CPU é uma i5 2400M. Estou incluindo o arquivo run.me. Aqui:https://wetransfer.com/downloads/da5bc3574f8a8b7579c22033f6ad879620200120163840/317958590147711e44d41f8acfacbcc520200120163840/c9151c

Boa Tarde Mano, Como faz pra Inicializar sem entrar no erro IGPU do kexted stall, Uso um notebook do Mesmo Modelo que o Seu, E não estou conseguindo inicializar, Só Dar o Erro “IGPU”

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