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Additional features implemented by this fork


Hotkey W to boot directly to first available Windows boot entry from either auto scanner or custom entries. (Hold down W to boot Windows OS directly).

Auto default boot to last booted macOs or Windows.

No verbose apfs.efi driver loading (if using apfs.efi instead of ApfsDriverLoader.efi).

Avoid duplicated entry in boot menu, cusstom entry will not be added to boot menu if the same entry already found by auto scanner.

Ability to change entry name found by auto scanner by adding custom entry with the exact same device path.

Compile with latest edk2.

NvmExpressDxe driver build script are also available for system without native nvme support. (Compatible with OC and Clover).

ACPI patches is now optional for non macOS with setting ACPI->Quirks->EnableForAll to yes (default is no).

Boot entry can be switched and selected with Up/Down arrow and Enter keys.

Fixed the unmatched 1st and 2nd stages boot Apple logo (* To ensure a match, set Misc->Boot->Resolution to match with one in macOS preferences, and to better boot menu text visibility for 4k+ display, set Misc->Boot->ConsoleMode to Max).

macOS Recovery/Tools Entries are hidden by default, use Spacebar in Boot Menu as a toggle on/off to show/hide these entries.

Individual custom entry can now be set hidden using Misc->Entries->Item 0->Hidden (Boolean).

Booter Quirks only apply to macOS.




Mojave / Catalina on Mobos Series 100/200/300 with OpenCore Bootloader



Catalina on AMD RYZEN / THREADRIPPER / ATHLON2xxGE / with OpenCore



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[ref]MaLd0n[/ref], I had purposely disabled brightness hotkeys patch to see if the ACPI quirk for non MacOS is working, and it works as documented. :)

Plus, I am greeted by a rather nice surprise


Added in 1 minute 39 seconds:

[ref]mathewgx[/ref], In short, it means ACPI patches implemented for MacOS will not affect other OS. Just like how clover works.

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[ref]mathewgx[/ref], edited tables, dsdt ssdt, now is load only in macos

Added in 22 seconds:

[ref]onemanosx[/ref], very good things :mrgreen:

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