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Supported AMD Graphics in Catalina 10.15.2 (19C57)

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Below are the list of supported AMD Graphics devices in 10.15.2 (19C57). These information are derived from Controller kexts information and https://devicehunt.com

List is not exhaustive and applies for both Desktop and Laptop

70xx Controller

0x67901002 - UNKNOWN

0x67981002 - Tahiti XT [Radeon HD 7970/8970 OEM / R9 280X]

0x679A1002 - UNKNOWN

0x679E1002 - UNKNOWN

0x67801002 - Tahiti XT GL [FirePro W9000]

0x68201002 - Venus XTX [Radeon HD 8890M / R9 M275X/M375X]

0x68211002 - Venus XT [Radeon HD 8870M / R9 M270X/M370X]

0x68231002 - Venus PRO [Radeon HD 8850M / R9 M265X]

0x68251002 - Heathrow XT [Radeon HD 7870M]

0x68271002 - Heathrow PRO [Radeon HD 7850M/8850M]

0x682B1002 - Cape Verde PRO / Venus LE / Tropo PRO-L [Radeon HD 8830M / R7 250 / R7 M465X]

0x682D1002 - Chelsea XT GL [FirePro M4000]

0x682F1002 - Chelsea LP [Radeon HD 7730M]

0x68351002 - Cape Verde PRX [Radeon R9 255 OEM]

0x68391002 - UNKNOWN

0x683B1002 - UNKNOWN

0x683D1002 - Cape Verde XT [Radeon HD 7770/8760 / R7 250X]

0x683F1002 - Cape Verde PRO [Radeon HD 7750/8740 / R7 250E]

0x68001002 - Wimbledon XT [Radeon HD 7970M]

0x68011002 - Neptune XT [Radeon HD 8970M]

0x68061002 - Neptune

0x68081002 - Pitcairn XT GL [FirePro W7000]

0x68101002 - Curacao XT / Trinidad XT [Radeon R7 370 / R9 270X/370X]

0x68181002 - Pitcairn XT [Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition]

0x68191002 - Pitcairn PRO [Radeon HD 7850 / R7 265 / R9 270 1024SP]

80xx Controller

0x66401002 - Saturn XT [FirePro M6100]

0x66411002 - Saturn PRO [Radeon HD 8930M]

0x66461002 - Bonaire XT [Radeon R9 M280X]

0x66471002 - Saturn PRO/XT [Radeon R9 M270X/M280X]

0x66501002 - Bonaire

0x66511002 - Bonaire

0x665C1002 - Bonaire XT [Radeon HD 7790/8770 / R7 360 / R9 260/360 OEM]

0x665D1002 - Bonaire [Radeon R7 200 Series]

0x67B01002 - Hawaii XT / Grenada XT [Radeon R9 290X/390X]

90xx Controller

0x69201002 - UNKNOWN

0x69211002 - Amethyst XT [Radeon R9 M295X]

0x69301002 - UNKNOWN

0x69381002 - Tonga XT / Amethyst XT [Radeon R9 380X / R9 M295X]

0x69391002 - Tonga PRO [Radeon R9 285/380]

0x73001002 - Fiji [Radeon R9 FURY / NANO Series]

0x730F1002 - UNKNOWN

95xx Controller

0x67E01002 - Baffin [Radeon Pro WX 4170]

0x67E31002 - Baffin [Radeon Pro WX 4100]

0x67E81002 - Baffin [Radeon Pro WX 4130/4150]

0x67EB1002 - Baffin [Radeon Pro V5300X]

0x67EF1002 - Baffin [Radeon RX 460/560D / Pro 450/455/460/555/555X/560/560X]

0x67FF1002 - Baffin [Radeon RX 550 640SP / RX 560/560X]

0x67E11002 - Baffin [Polaris11]

0x67E71002 - UNKNOWN

0x67E91002 - Baffin [Polaris11]

0x67C01002 - Ellesmere [Radeon Pro WX 7100 Mobile]

0x67C11002 - UNKNOWN

0x67C21002 - Ellesmere [Radeon Pro V7300X / V7350x2]

0x67C41002 - Ellesmere [Radeon Pro WX 7100]

0x67C71002 - Ellesmere [Radeon Pro WX 5100]

0x67DF1002 - Ellesmere [Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X/590]

0x67D01002 - Ellesmere [Radeon Pro V7300X / V7350x2]

0x67C81002 - UNKNOWN

0x67C91002 - UNKNOWN

0x67CA1002 - Ellesmere [Polaris10]

0x67CC1002 - Ellesmere [Polaris10]

0x67CF1002 - Ellesmere [Polaris10]

10xxx Controller

0x68601002 - Vega 10 [Radeon Instinct MI25]

0x68611002 - Vega 10 XT [Radeon PRO WX 9100]

0x68621002 - Vega 10 XT [Radeon PRO SSG]

0x68631002 - Vega 10 XTX [Radeon Vega Frontier Edition]

0x68641002 - Vega

0x68671002 - Vega 10 XL [Radeon Pro Vega 56]0x68681002

0x68691002 - UNKNOWN

0x686A1002 - UNKNOWN

0x686B1002 - UNKNOWN

0x686C1002 - Vega 10 [Radeon Instinct MI25 MxGPU]

0x686D1002 - UNKNOWN

0x686E1002 - UNKNOWN

0x687F1002 - Vega 10 XL/XT [Radeon RX Vega 56/64]

0x686F1002 - UNKNOWN

0x69A01002 - Vega 12

0x69A11002 - Vega 12

0x69A21002 - Vega 12

0x69A31002 - Vega 12

0x69AF1002 - Vega 12 [Radeon Pro Vega 20]

0x66A01002 - Vega 20 [Radeon Instinct]

0x66A11002 - Vega 20

0x66A21002 - Vega 20

0x66A31002 - Vega 20

0x66A71002 - Vega 20 [Radeon Pro Vega 20]

0x66AF1002 - Vega 20 [Radeon VII]

X6000 Controller

0x73101002 - Navi 10

0x73121002 - UNKNOWN

0x73181002 - UNKNOWN

0x73191002 - UNKNOWN

0x731A1002 - UNKNOWN

0x731B1002 - UNKNOWN

0x731F1002 - Navi 10 [Radeon RX 5700 / 5700 XT]


0x73401002 - UNKNOWN

0x73411002 - UNKNOWN

0x73431002 - UNKNOWN

0x73471002 - UNKNOWN

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É preciso inputar esse código em algum lugar pra ter a aceleração completa?

You can use SSDT/DSDT/Clover device injection if WEG has no support for the cards in the list.


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Acer Aspire V15 Nitro- Black Edition VN7-592G/HM170 Chipset

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I am trying to decide on a new Catalina compatible graphics card and found this post. The device models shown below in orange are from the Device Hunt website (https://devicehunt.com) where they have "a massive database of USB and PCI devices." If you're looking for some of the other/older devices in the list above where the model info is shown as unknown, you may have luck there. onemanosx used the same source for some/all of the device/vendor-ID-to-model-name mappings in the original list, and I'm guessing that at least some of the Navi 14 and Navi 12 mappings weren't there at the time the original post was put together.

I'm currently using 10.15.7 (19H2) so I thought I'd look into the graphics kexts there to see whether the list had expanded since  10.15.2 (19C57). I thought I knew where to find them, but it's been a while since I looked into this, and I didn't find them. If someone could tell me in which kext I could find the device/vendor IDs listed, I would appreciate it.



X6000 Controller (Navi 10)


0x73101002 - Navi 10 [Radeon Pro W5700X]

0x73121002 - Navi 10 [Radeon Pro W5700]

0x73181002 - UNKNOWN

0x73191002 - UNKNOWN

0x731A1002 - UNKNOWN

0x731B1002 - UNKNOWN

0x731F1002 -Navi 10 [Radeon RX 5700 / 5700 XT]

0x731F1002 - Navi 10 [Radeon RX 5600 OEM/5600 XT / 5700/5700 XT] (the inclusion of RX 5600 OEM/5600 XT seems suspicious as I thought these were Navi 12 devices; note the the hex here is a duplicate of the entry above which only lists the two RX 5700 opus)



0x73401002 - Navi 14 [Radeon RX 5500/5500M / Pro 5500M]

0x73411002 - Navi 14 [Radeon Pro W5500]

0x73431002 - UNKNOWN

0x73471002 - Navi 14 [Radeon Pro W5500M]

ox734F1002 - Navi 14 [Radeon Pro W5300M]


Navi 12

0x73601002 - Navi 12 [Radeon Pro 5600M]

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