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Working on Thinkpad T520 except for a couple of problems

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I have 10.13.6 installed and *almost* fully working. I only have a handful of problems I cannot seem to figure out.

1. I cannot get native audio to work at all. Audio through bluetooth speakers works just fine, but no version of AppleALC that I have tried to use will show an output device for my speakers. It uses a Conexant 20672 SmartAudio HD.

2. My battery meter doesn't show up for this laptop.

3. The native Intel Centrino Advanced N-6205 wifi card does not work, but I am aware that apple does not like Intel cards.

4. I cannot control brightness at all.

5. I cannot get Clover to boot properly. It boots with an extremely glitched out screen but does eventually boot into OSX, after about a full 1 to 2 minutes (on an SSD).

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I didn't even realize that thread was updated. I installed it into EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched folder.

I can't exactly tell at the moment if anything has changed, although the system is booting faster and is overall very quick (faster than Windows 10 Pro even). The boot screen is still glitched out (can't see any output other than glitched boxes until the High Sierra login screen comes up). And although I can see the audio driver as being installed under PCI, I still have no output devices for sound unless I connect a bluetooth speaker.

I also am not sure about the battery meter thing. I'm not even sure how to tell if the patch actually loaded or not. I'm brand new to the hackintosh community. First time I have ever had a Core i5 laptop that was compatible (everything before I have had were all incompatible AMD cpus, gpus, and chipsets.)

EDIT: Also, it's on the way, I do not have it yet; but has anyone here gotten the Ericsson F5521GW 3G HSPA+ WWAN card to work with High Sierra?

EDIT 2: I don't know what I did differently, but I rebooted again and the native speakers started working.

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