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[Guide] Catalina on Dell G7 7588

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My Dell laptop came with only 128gb SATA III SSD, switched to an Adata XPG Gammix S11 Pro of 1TB and would recommend something similar if planning to dual boot because macOS feels really slow on a HDD

Everything is really straightforward, install clover, copy and paste files into clover efi folder, install Catalina, finish setting up kexts and hdpi files.

What is working:

1) Brightness control

2) Intel Quartz Extreme

3) iMessage/FaceTime

4) Keyboard with the special keys like volume control or brightness

5) Ethernet

6) Trackpad (interrupt mode instead of polling) with native macOS gestures

7) Sound (Internal speakers, internal mic, external speakers, external mic)

8) Battery display and manager

9) Thunderbolt 3 only as a DP (display port), I do not recommend any type-c hot-plug as none seem to be well implemented.

10) Mapped USB ports and proper energy

11) Advanced CPU energy management like C-states and P-states by injecting PluginType=1 into _SB.PR00

12) macOS native hdpi rather than using software like SwitchResX

What is not working:

1) Intel Wi-Fi (Just bought a DW1820A which I have heard works quite well with proper pin-masking, will update later)

2) Type-C

3) HDMI (just get a TB3 to HDMI)


* To have native hdpi you will need a vanilla install to enter recovery mode and turn off SIP.

* Rather than a guide for now it is mostly a resource for people willing to use macOS but know some to nothing of hackintosh. Will try to make a proper guide later, for now you do not need to know a lot but definitely require a little knowledge to install things and correctly and place the files in the proper path.

* It is much easier to update files using git so I will link my Catalina repo for you to download the files

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/Juan-VC/Hackintosh-macOS-Catalina-on-Dell-G7-7588

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