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Is this normal - immediate errors with Mac devices patch?


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I used Ubuntu 11.10 Live DVD to create my dsdt.aml file for my intel chipset being a DX48BT2(B). (bios = BTX3810J.86A.2006.2009.1023.1057)

Currently, I am booting into 10.7.2 fine on my DX48BT.

My method to install was:

- Boot my MBPro via prepared Lion ESD image USB stick,

- Installed a clean AppStore 10.7.2 install to 80GB SATA disk via USB,

- Ran multishit 4.2.1 to finish.

/Extra contains:





After this, All I had to do was install the Intel8256MM kext for my 8256DC nic and I'm good. Audio (IDT STAC9274D audio codec) is not a concern for me just yet.

Having discovered DSDT Editor very recently, I've read up on how it works and am most impressed – nice work!

So, given that it's early days as I have not detected any issues with my setup so far. Are there any mandatory patches that I should install?

Surely there is at least one patch applicable/relevant to my setup, and so to get some practice, I chose the "Mac Devices patch".

I preview the patch and I can see the changes (i.e. line 7 changes "PIC" to "IPIC" and so on).

I apply the patch and as per the video I watched, I compile via the IASL menu.


24 Errors, 0 Remarks, 27 Optimizations.

I'm a bit scared of the 24 errors! is this normal? surely not... especially when the "Fix errors" button has no effect.

Needless to say, I haven't done anymore as I'm wondering if someone else with "way" more knowledge than me might be able to chime in here.

I've attached the errors and also have attached the raw/unedited dsdt.aml that I'm using.

Any advice about this much appreciated...

Cheers and thanx for a great community!



Gigabyte X58A-UD7

XFX nForce 790i Ultra

Intel DX48BT2

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Previewed patch, no errors so I applied it, moved in the new DSDT file and here I am!!

Now I just have to stop the Apple OEM nVidia 7300 GT (pulled from a 2006 MacPro) I have here from KP'ing at startup so I don't have to use a GTX280 :roll:

This mobo is going inside my ANS500 and is using TensComplement's ZFS kexts for my storage needs, so I'm not keen to keep the GTX280 in it...

One very Happy Camper here though...

Gigabyte X58A-UD7

XFX nForce 790i Ultra

Intel DX48BT2

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