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This version of MacOS10.15.1 cannot be installed on this computer

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I get: This version of MacOS10.15.1 cannot be installed on this computer when I select the disk where you want install Catalina.

im using an X8DTI motherboard and Two Xeon E5645 CPUS, Sapphire Nitro RX580 , I used your installation USB image, works great, but once I format APFS, goto install CAtalina, I get the message.

I have been able to install Sierra 10.12.1 , I tried mojave, but it gets stuck during booting. The MB does not support UHCI. I have been booting legacy.

any feedback much appreciated.


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First option did not work, however I found a list of SM BIOS on the internet.

I chose iMac17,1_ hence according to the information has an AMD video a card.

It's currently installing Catalina. It worked.. It got passed it.

Once im done and get everything working, I will post all the settings for this super machine that has 24 logical cores!

I'm also configuring RAID too... by using HIGHPOINT 27020 adapter which MAC OS recognizes... Have too see how to get it to boot automatically..... I think I will use a regular Sata 30GB SSD drive for CLover boot and then jump to the raid.

I will keep you posted.


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I had to download it again.. it worked.

I also got it installed, Raid working, video working, USB working, I have no sound card yet, but soon.

The only thing not working is Ethernet, I will figure that out today. I think I need a KExt for it. And I will install a USB 3 card too.

Once I'm done I will explain what I had to do.

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