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Catalina Install issues

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I'm attempting to upgrade from High Sierra to Catalina, and I'm having some issues with your image

it randomly reboots through the installer booting, I can't get a screen cap of the error because it spits it out and immediately reboots.


i7 6700k

gigabyte z170-hd3p

xfx radeon r9 290x

any help is appreciated!

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Hi. I had no trouble booting from the USB installation drive and I could perform the first two steps of Catalina 10.15.0 on my X79 build. For a reason that I cannot identify I am unable to get to the final step when you create your Apple account and you install Clover. I updated to the latest Lilu and weg kexts. I get stuck on this window (screenshots attached) I should add that the screen flashes for a split second before hanging on the attached window screenshot.

2019-11-01 01.26.59.jpg.pdf

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I replaced the video card with another one and I was able to complete the installation. However when I attempted to boot from the newly installed drive the boot stalled at the same place as previously and it ended up rebooting. Then I booted with -x and it booted right away.

What should I understand and what should I do next?


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