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Olarila Catalina for Intel and AMD Pcs

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--Donations via PayPal-- https://tinyurl.com/r2bvzm7   -LGA775 Socket and some AMD need block VoodooTSCSync.kext, check here-   ---Press O key in Clover boot screen and selec

Default Config.plist include patch to disable optimus in notebook?

[ref]onemanosx[/ref], no patch, any inject for video, just let the weg work xD

I thought so... They claim to be MacOS compatible.

It says on the box, native support for Mac OSX Continuity and Handoff.

Will move the card to another slot and see what happens... be back in a bit.

OMG... Got WiFi.... LOL

Now back to Clover loading from SSD, it hangs forever...

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Hey! thanks for the great work, I recently updated my machine to Catalina because now I have a Radeon 5700 xt graphic card. At first in 10.15 it doesn't work (it only recognizes it as a 7mb generic video card) but when I update to 10.15.1 or 10.15.2 it works just for the one time I have the hackintosh on. If I shut it down and turn it on again, I get a black screen. Even though I know the system boots and all (I can even hear sounds when I press the keyboard) the screen is no longer working and there's no method I can bring it back, I tried updating WEG and Lilu kexts, tried agpdmod=pikera and other boot flags with no sucess whatsoever. I only can connect the screen via HDMI cable and it's quite frustrating that this machine doesn't work no more. Any thoughts? Help will be appreciate it.

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