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Stuck at “Start ReadKernelCache” after USB install reboot

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I have just went through Olarila High Sierra 10.13.6 USB install and after the reboot I booted from the USB before selecting the macOS disk but now I am confronted with that screen after a while.

Can anyone to tell me what I need to do to get through?

I am running on:

* Asus P6T Deluxe V2 legacy motherboard

* Nvidia GTX 260 old school 2*SLI videocards

* SSD drive


In order to be able to get through the installer I had to replace a NVDA#####.kext file and add kexts in the EFI partition of the USB to be able to see the hard drive.

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I think I did wait more than 30s but I will try again. What I did is walk away and later come back but by then the PC would be in sleeping mode and non-responsive to keyboard or mouse triggers. I will try again but this time seat and wait in front of the screen to see if there's anything that changes on the screen.

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mozbius, u wait some time in this screen? i legacy mobos in some cases we need wait 30 sec more


Alright I have waited 8mins and indeed screen shown more activity...

And before the screen turned black the following can be seen:


Does it ring a bell? Do you have a clue about what is wrong?

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MaLd0n - Hmmm ..... I just thought of something... This is a new install and I didn't install clover bootloader yet in the EFI partition of the SSD yet (since I still have to manage to get in macOS)... So if I got a video problem (which I guess is caused by a "bad" KEXT) the solution would be to replace the "bad" KEXT right? Where? /System/Library/Extensions ?
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Alright I have made some advances...

First I have setup a Virtualbox to be able to modify the Olarila Installer USB and did the following:

1- Got a GTX 260 compatible “El Capitan” NVDAStartup.kext (from tonycrapx86)

2- Got a P6T Deluxe v2 network card Marvell Yukon 88E8056 compatible IONetworkingFamily.kext (from Insanelymac)

3- Got a “HDD not visable in Disk Utility” fix (found at


4- Copied all of those downloads into:

* [EFI]/CLOVER/Kext/Other

* /Library/Extensions

* /System/Library/Extensions

5- Used BatCHMOD because I am lazy (from lagentesoft) to change the permissions of the uncompressed files that copied over in those folders to 755 (except that I have noticed the files in the EFI partitions had all 777 permissions so I did the same for the files that I have added in there.

6- Then I installed Olarila’s High Sierra USB using:

* -v

* slide=0

* nv_disable=1

* debug=0x100


7- After Olarila USB’s reboot I booted MacOS using the USB again with the same settings as in #6

And now going through MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 I get the following when trying to sign in into my itunes account (after entering my confirmed credentials):


protocolVersion 2 DefaultButtonLabel OK Body Try signing in again. Error ID

GENERIC SERVER ERROR DialogType GenericDialog AlternateButtonLink.skipped

AlternateButtonLabel.skipped localizedError GENERIC_SERVER_ERROR

DefaultButtonLink.skipped Header Unable to sign in because of a problem communicating with iCloud.

description Generic server error when setup is down HelpLink.skipped

When that screen shows up, the buttons at the bottom of the screen don’t work. Does anyone have suggestions?

Also is it normal that it takes “sooooo loooooong” to boot with clover legacy? Like it takes several minutes before even seeing clover’s boot menu and then the whole loading up of MacOs take about 12mins :shock: just to show the first MacOS screen?!? I guess I am missing something cause with enoch and 10.13 it merely takes seconds to boot.

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