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macOS Catalina is out -

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So i was ready to go Catalina, updated all kexts and clover to 5089 and then ... this:


and suddenly i see this ... it is formatted in HFS ... why?

diskutil info /
  Device Identifier:         disk3s2
  Device Node:               /dev/disk3s2
  Whole:                     No
  Part of Whole:             disk3

  Volume Name:               macOS Nvme 500
  Mounted:                   Yes
  Mount Point:               /

  Partition Type:            Apple_HFS
  File System Personality:   Journaled HFS+
  Type (Bundle):             hfs
  Name (User Visible):       Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  Journal:                   Journal size 40960 KB at offset 0xe8e000
  Owners:                    Enabled

  OS Can Be Installed:       Yes
  Booter Disk:               disk3s3
  Recovery Disk:             disk3s3
  Media Type:                Generic
  Protocol:                  PCI-Express
  SMART Status:              Not Supported
  Volume UUID:               5EDBFE15-896E-31C9-86AC-ACE26A3C4F8E
  Disk / Partition UUID:     BA67B3F1-82F1-422B-BDEB-227B46E501CF
  Partition Offset:          209735680 Bytes (409640 512-Byte-Device-Blocks)

  Disk Size:                 499.1 GB (499113885696 Bytes) (exactly 974831808 512-Byte-Units)
  Device Block Size:         512 Bytes

  Volume Total Space:        499.1 GB (499113885696 Bytes) (exactly 974831808 512-Byte-Units)
  Volume Used Space:         259.3 GB (259295883264 Bytes) (exactly 506437272 512-Byte-Units) (52.0%)
  Volume Free Space:         239.8 GB (239818002432 Bytes) (exactly 468394536 512-Byte-Units) (48.0%)
  Allocation Block Size:     4096 Bytes

  Read-Only Media:           No
  Read-Only Volume:          No

  Device Location:           Internal
  Removable Media:           Fixed

  Solid State:               Yes
  Hardware AES Support:      No

Asus X79 Deluxe // Xeon 1680 v2 4.5 // Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ SE //32GB 1600 Ram

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Ok i Carbon Copy Cloned(!!) my NVMe to an old hdd

booted from the hdd

erased and formatted my NVMe as APFS (Why Mojave installation didn't do that automatically???)

Carbon copy cloned it back

and booted from my NVMe.

I got APFS ... !

now catalina installation freezes but i will open a new thread ... :whistle

Asus X79 Deluxe // Xeon 1680 v2 4.5 // Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ SE //32GB 1600 Ram

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