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Asus rog gl703vd partial working

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Hy guys, I tested better my hacky, and I found some issues. Fortunately they are not big problems.

-Hdmi audio doesn't work, and with HDMI my internal display has more contrast(not that much) while the external display have more brightness than normal (more brightness than my other pc desktop with Mojave, and more brightness than the internal display of my laptop. Seems to be in heaven, but I don't know maybe it's normal, my external monitor has a lot of brightness of it's own)

-Headphone output is terrible. It's distorted and the sound has very noisy texture. I wanted to try alcplugfix, but I don't understand how to use this fix. (I think I probably have alc295) <---This is the major problem of these 3, but still a marginal issues to me.

-Keyboard backlight works, but it has "levels problem"-->when I press Fn+Up, the brightness of keys increases of one level, when I release Fn+Up it increases of another level. So in total I have 3 levels of brightness out of 5 available(include off level). And every time I start Mojave I need to press Fn+Up first to "activate" shortcuts for brightness keys<--- I heard about keyboardpatchlevel, but how it works?

Do you have any advices/tips/guide?

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