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Using Asus P5E DST for Asus P5E WS Professional Board


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I have Asus P5E WS Professional with a Q9550 that is running Lion moderately well. To improve performance/stability I am interested in extracting and patching the DSDT. I note there is a patch for the P5E that is a similar board (lacking a few features, but the same chipset).

Any guidance as to why I should not try the P5E patch?


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Thanks. I will use the definition you suggest and put:





In org.chameleon.Boot.plist.

I assume NullCPUPowerManagement is also in the plist?

I just did a clean install and will use the P5E patch over the holiday break to see if it gets me to a point where I don't need to buy a new motherboard and chip.

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I ran the compile without the P5E patch which resulted in numerous errors (just to see what the patch would do). I applied the patch and all but one disappeared and it was resolved with "fix errors".

The system seems stable and running well. The only items I can not use at the moment are the built in firewire and the third party SATA. I have no need for either at the moment, but may dig into it when time permits.

The DSDT tool is pretty amazing and has all the patches included in a directory. The use was also almost trivial. With the hacking and tweaking, I think I will be able to use the current setup for a while before investing in a new MB and chip. Donation made.

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