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[10.9.5] Unable to get Filter Interrupt Event Service

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I'm currently trying to get 10.9.5 working on my shi**y pc.

Olarila 10.9.5 Image

Intel Q8300 core 2 quad

D3041-A11 motherboard (LGA 775)

All I get right now is... this.


I have no clue what's up and.. :wallbash

I also neither have means of virtualisation and neither a mac.

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[ref]Xagan[/ref], extract dsdt and post here, i'll check



I've downloaded the RunMe.app but since I don't have access to a virtual machine or a mac I don't know how to proceed :/

Added in 34 minutes 4 seconds:

Nevermind, I found your thread about doing it on windows with RWEverything lol


Here is my DSDT in .aml :)

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Thank you so much!

Your whole work on Olarila is crazy!

I'll thank you with the money you deserve to get for this work as soon as I can.

Added in 8 minutes 4 seconds:

Sorry again but, what's the next procedure? where should I put the DSDT and kext files? in the boot partition or it's something different?

Added in 8 minutes 1 second:

Nevermind I just forget to do my researches or find it myself before asking, I'm sorry

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