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mojave black screen before installer fujitsu s752

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I've installed N distro yesterday, but

- it's old (10.14.1) and I can't convert HFS+ to APFS required for update

- I need Xcode and it requires at least 10.14.3 as for today

- I keep hearing it's bad. I'm new so I don't really know. It worked at least

So I wanted to install Olarila instead, 10.14.6 Mojave image. I'm completely new to Hackintoshes, so I don't know what the problem exactly is. I've followed the guide, flashed .img on flash drive, bootloader started, I see the option to boot installer and...

..it doesn't boot, when I run installer through my current HZ clover config the console screen shortly becomes glitched and stuck.

When booting using Olarila flash drive clover with either config1 and config2 the screen goes black shortly after. I tried also disable Lilu kext and enabling Intel hack in graphics options.

The laptop is Fujitsu S752 with Intel HD4000 and i5-3320M CPU. How do I get installer to start? The guide followed is https://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=8685 and after step 4 I can't get to step 5, black screen.

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So, my HDD died (kinda, got slow as hell) and I bought SSD and will be installing it from scratch, got Olarila image flashed on flash drive but left my Macbook Air at work and don't have my Hackintool setup anywhere around, can I proceed from Windows PC at this point (VM image perhaps?) ?

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passed -x to boot options and it's still the same, after selecting install, immadietely screen goes black.

one thing I had to do earlier with HZ distro was to enable InjectIntel option, but here it doesn't change behavior

hmm is there any way to mount usb stick flashed with Olarila image on win? I might try get the logs

Added in 49 minutes 2 seconds:

Moved forward a bit but not too far

disabled CSM in BIOS, enabled InjectIntel, config2, passed -x and it at least gave some console messages, but still hangs at some point with black screen

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