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MacOS Mojave iMessage/Facetime problem

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Hi guys,

I was hoping anyone could help me with getting this issue solved.

Specs: Intel i7-2600

Asrock H77M

Realtek RTL811/8168/8411 Network card (if it is relevant)


Everything seems to be working properly, video(mac drivers), audio (managed to get it working with appleALC), internet connection works fine.. now... I have tried with different tutorials from the web, but no luck with facetime and imessage.. I have modified SMBIOS with clover many times with different stuff, I even copied the exact values from a working hackintosh with imessage and facetime but still it displays an error about activation.

The thing is, I have 2 PCs, on an HP elitedesk 800 G2 mini (my second pc) everything works almost out of the box, facetime and imessage as well, no problems at all, but on the above mentioned PC both require activation, can you help me with anything, please :D ?

Send me MacBook-Pro.zip

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[ref]paingod[/ref], first u need use a correct smbios for ur processor, use a desktop smbios not mobile

for facetime and imessage u need a good serial

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Maldon ? Whats for you a good serial? I try iMessage idiots guide, hackintosher guide. Should I put MAC Ethernet on ROM on OpenCore settings?. Nvram is working, I see TestVar after restart.

Maybe can you make a guide or video?

Thanks in advance for your work.

Without you is impossible for novel hackintosh ;)

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